Premium Denim & Jeans Sourcing and Buying House Chennai.









Denim Sourcing

We take care of all critical aspects of the denim supply chain management product development and sourcing from premium and reputed denim mills sampling to delivery, developing and maintaining excellent value and quality.

Together with our customers, we develop core product and specialist ranges, offering adjustable lead-time and competitive pricing by working with manufacturers initiating best practice in India.

Denim and Jeans Sourcing and Buying House

  • Denim Factory Sourcing
  • Denim Product Development
  • Sourcing Fabrics and Trims
  • Sampling follow-up
  • Price Negotations
  • Merchandising Follow-up

High Quality Premium Jeans Wholesale Suppliers


Vintage Denim is a most trusted Denim and Jeans wholesaler, supplier and exporter in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. We are Specialized in Cotton Jeans, Stretch Jeans, Ripped Jeans and Vintage Jeans.


Denim Shirts almost all men own a set of denim shirts – right from students to working professionals. These denim garments are comfortable and versatile. We are proud to host some of the best denim shirts for men. Trusted wholesale denim shirts in chennai.


Denim Jackets almost all men and women prefers denim jackets. These denim jackets are comfortable and versatile. We are proud to host some of the best denim jackets for men in India. Trusted wholesale denim jackets in chennai.


Dry or raw denim is denim that is not washed after having been dyed during production. Over time, dry denim will usually fade, which is considered desirable by some people. Heavier denim is much more rigid and resistant to wear, but can also take more wears to break in and feel comfortable.


Vintage RAW jeans can be worn in practically any style. Select a darker finish unwashed Raw Denim or Dark Aged for a look that works for both formal and informal settings. Or go for a pair of jeans with a more worn-down look with one of our rougher finishes like Restored.


Denim vests almost all men prefers denim vests and it's stylish look. These denim vests are comfortable and versatile. We are proud to host some of the best denim vests for men in India. Branded denim wholesale denim vests in chennai.

Denim and Jeans Supplier

“Our Denim outfits are designed to your sensible needs. Thus we make you look splendid”

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